API for jgilis/satuRn_jgilis
Scalable Analysis of Differential Transcript Usage for Bulk and Single-Cell RNA-sequencing Applications

Global functions
.StatModel Man page
.calcDispersion Source code
.calcVcovUnscaled Source code
.fitDTU_internal Source code
.getOtherCount Source code
StatModel Man page Source code
StatModel-class Man page
Tasic_counts_vignette Man page
Tasic_metadata_vignette Man page
fitDTU Man page
fitDTU,SummarizedExperiment-method Man page
getCoef Man page
getCoef,StatModel-method Man page
getDF Man page
getDF,StatModel-method Man page
getDfPosterior Man page
getDfPosterior,StatModel-method Man page
getDispersion Man page
getDispersion,StatModel-method Man page
getEstimates Source code
getModel Man page
getModel,StatModel-method Man page
getTotalCount Source code
label_facet Source code
p.adjust_empirical Source code
plotDTU Man page Source code
plotDTU_internal Source code
statModelAccessors Man page
sumExp_example Man page
testDTU Man page Source code
varContrast Source code
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