sumExp_example: A 'SummarizedExperiment' derived from our case study which...

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A 'SummarizedExperiment' derived from our case study which builds on the dataset of Tasic et al. It contains the same cells as the data object used in the vignette (see '?Tasic_counts_vignette' for more information). In this SummarizedExperiment, we performed a filtering with the 'filterByExpr' of edgeR with more stringent than default parameter settings (min.count = 100, = 200, large.n = 50, min.prop = 0.9) to reduced the number of retained transcripts. We used this object to create an executable example in the help files of satuRn.




An object of class SummarizedExperiment with 1286 rows and 60 columns.

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