Man pages for jiho/zooprocessr
Read and analyse data generated by zooprocess

autoplot.tablePlot a contingency table (i.e. confusion matrix) as a heat...
bin_particles_profilesBin UVP profiles over depth
blank_diagonalBlank-out the diagonal of a confusion matrix
check_projectCheck consistency of data in a project
confusion_matrixCompute a confusion matrix
confusion_statsCompute confusion statistics (recall, precision, etc.)
get_prediction_variablesSelect all variables useful for prediction and compute...
mavCompute a moving average
project_typeDetermine the type of project (zooscan or uvp)
read_idsRead the identifications of all objects in a project
read_learning_setRead the learning set of a project
read_metaRead the metadata file for a project
read_particles_profilesRead the profile of particles in a UVP project
read_pidRead or dat1.txt files
read_variablesRead the descriptive variables of all objects in a project
regroup_taxaRegroup some categories along a taxonomy
relabelRelabel categories, possibly regrouping them
smooth_particles_profilesSmooth small scale variability in UVP profiles
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