Man pages for jkruppa/kmerPyramid
kmerPyramid: an interactive visualization tool for nucleobase and \textit{k}-mer frequencies

bacteriaKmerDistributionk-mer distribution of bacteria DNA sequences
generate_paired_readsGenerate paired reads from a given genome
get_diff_valuesGet the difference in counts between to sequences
get_kmer_distributionGet the k-mer distribution from a sequence
get_pca_plot_listCalculate the PCA with pyramid edges
get_pca_window_listGet the PCA values for sliding window
get_reads_numCalculate number of reads given the coverage and genome size
get_window_distrWrapper for the sliding window k-mer distribution
pyramid_3dACGT pyramid 3D ploting function
pyramid_3d_draw_edgesFunction to draw the edges of the 3D pyramid
pyramid_3d_gridThe k-mer grid pyramid 3D plotting function
read.fastqFunction to read in fastq files
translate.phredTest title for later
viralExampleCodingSeqDNAStringSet of coding and non coding of NC_015230.1 viral...
viralExampleSeqsDNAStringSet of ten viral sequences
virusKmerDistributionk-mer distribution of virus DNA sequences
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