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Save or Load a Model


Functions to write a UMAP model to a file, and to restore.


save_uwot(model, file, unload = FALSE, verbose = FALSE)



a UMAP model create by umap.


name of the file where the model is to be saved or read from.


if TRUE, unload all nearest neighbor indexes for the model. The model will no longer be valid for use in umap_transform and the temporary working directory used during model saving will be deleted. You will need to reload the model with load_uwot to use the model. If FALSE, then the model can be re-used without reloading, but you must manually unload the NN index when you are finished using it if you want to delete the temporary working directory. To unload manually, use unload_uwot. The absolute path of the working directory is found in the mod_dir item of the return value.


if TRUE, log information to the console.


model with one extra item: mod_dir, which contains the path to the working directory. If unload = FALSE then this directory still exists after this function returns, and can be cleaned up with unload_uwot. If you don't care about cleaning up this directory, or unload = TRUE, then you can ignore the return value.

See Also

load_uwot, unload_uwot


iris_train <- iris[c(1:10, 51:60), ]
iris_test <- iris[100:110, ]

# create model
model <- umap(iris_train, ret_model = TRUE, n_epochs = 20)

# save without unloading: this leaves behind a temporary working directory
model_file <- tempfile("iris_umap")
model <- save_uwot(model, file = model_file)

# The model can continue to be used
test_embedding <- umap_transform(iris_test, model)

# To manually unload the model from memory when finished and to clean up
# the working directory (this doesn't touch your model file)

# At this point, model cannot be used with umap_transform, this would fail:
# test_embedding2 <- umap_transform(iris_test, model)

# restore the model: this also creates a temporary working directory
model2 <- load_uwot(file = model_file)
test_embedding2 <- umap_transform(iris_test, model2)

# Unload and clean up the loaded model temp directory

# clean up the model file

# save with unloading: this deletes the temporary working directory but
# doesn't allow the model to be re-used
model3 <- umap(iris_train, ret_model = TRUE, n_epochs = 20)
model_file3 <- tempfile("iris_umap")
model3 <- save_uwot(model3, file = model_file3, unload = TRUE)

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