Man pages for jmacdon/AnnotationDbi
Manipulation of SQLite-based annotations in Bioconductor

AnnDbObj-classAnnDbObj objects
AnnDbPkg-checkerCheck the SQL data contained in an SQLite-based annotation...
AnnotationDb-classAnnotationDb objects and their progeny, methods etc.
AnnotationDbi-internalsAnnotationDbi internals
BimapBimap objects and the Bimap interface
Bimap-directionMethods for getting/setting the direction of a Bimap object,...
Bimap-envirAPIEnvironment-like API for Bimap objects
BimapFilteringMethods for getting/setting the filters on a Bimap object
BimapFormattingFormatting a Bimap as a list or character vector
Bimap-keysMethods for manipulating the keys of a Bimap object
Bimap-toTableMethods for manipulating a Bimap object in a data-frame style
colsAndKeytypesDescriptions of available values for 'columns' and...
createSimpleBimapCreates a simple Bimap from a SQLite database in an situation...
GOColsAndKeytypesDescriptions of available values for 'columns' and 'keytypes'...
GOFrameGOFrame and GOAllFrame objects
GOTerms-classClass "GOTerms"
inpIDMapperConvenience functions for mapping IDs through an appropriate...
KEGGFrameKEGGFrame objects
make_eg_to_go_mapCreate GO to Entrez Gene maps for chip-based packages
makeGOGraphA convenience function to generate graphs based on the GO.db...
organismKEGGFrameA data frame that maps species names to KEGG organisms
orgPackageNameOrg package contained in annotation object
print.probetablePrint method for probetable objects
toSQLStringSetConvert a vector to a quoted string for use as a SQL value...
unlist2A replacement for unlist() that does not mangle the names
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