Man pages for jmanitz/samplingbook
Survey Sampling Procedures

electionGerman Parliament Election Data
htestimateHorvitz-Thompson Estimator
influenzaPopulation and Cases of Influenza for Administrative...
mbesModel Based Estimation
moneyMoney Data Frame
popSmall Suppositious Sampling Example
pps.samplingSampling with Probabilities Proportional to Size
sample.size.meanSample Size Calculation for Mean Estimation
sample.size.propSample Size Calculation for Proportion Estimation
samplingbook-packageSurvey Sampling Procedures
SmeanSampling Mean Estimation
SpropSampling Proportion Estimation
stratameanStratified Sample Mean Estimation
stratasampSample Size Calculation for Stratified Sampling
stratasizeSample Size Determination for Stratified Sampling
submeanSub-sample Mean Estimation
taxHypothetical Tax Refund Data Frame
wageChinese wage data
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