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Based on the measures preprocessed by the function precook_measures(), the function draw_TICspectrum() pretends to draw the TIC spectrum of diferent samples


draw_TICspectrum(cdf_folder, samplestodraw_TIC = NA,
  samplestodraw_altTIC = NA, samplestodraw_LOGTIC = NA,
  samplestodraw_LOGaltTIC = NA, colors = NULL)



directory containing the precooked measures (files preckd_measures.rda and preckd_variables.rda). Presumabily should be the same directory where the original measures are (ncdf4 files). E.g. cdf_folder="C:/esborrar_mesuresGcxGc/mesures_Berkely_Noelia"


list of samples whose TIC spectrum needs to be drawed. The samples shoul be referred by their file position on a alphabetical ordered file list. Moreover, it can be drawed the result of adding or substracting a combination of samples; that operation should be indicated with a vector of samples, indicating with a minus the sample that should be substracted. e.g. list(1,2,c(1,-3)) means draw the 1st and second sample, as well as the result of substract the 3rd sample from the 1st


analogously to the previous argument, list of samples whose "altered" TIC spectrum needs to be drawed. Altered TIC is refered to a TIC without specific masses (see precook_measures() function). See the samplestodraw_TIC argument for further details.


list of samples whose log(TIC) spectrum needs to be drawed. e.g. samplestodraw_LOGTIC=list(c(1,-3),2) draws two plots, log(TIC(sample3)-log(TIC(sample1) and log(TIC(sample2).


analogously to the samplestodraw_LOGTIC argument, list of samples whose TIC spectrum needs to be drawed logarithmically. The only diference is that the TIC ploted is the altered one, a TIC without specific masses (see precook_measures() function).


Colors used to draw the diferent spectrum samples. Visit http://colorbrewer2.org to improve your ideas. e.g. colors=c("red","black","#fdc086","grey","#7fc97f")


Different spectrums are drawn in the viewer tab. Moreover the parameters used for preprocessing the data (through precook_measures()) are printed on screen as remembrance.


draw_TICspectrum(cdf_folder="C:/esborrar_mesuresGcxGc/mesures_Berkely_Noelia", samplestodraw_altTIC = list(1), samplestodraw_LOGTIC = list(c(2,-3),2,3), colors=c("red","black","orange","green"))

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