Man pages for jmhewitt/telefit
Estimation and Prediction for Remote Effects Spatial Process Models

abind3Convenience function for stacking matrices into an array.
arrayToLongReshape array of data matrices into long format
cca.predictMake predictions using canonical correlation analysis (CCA)
coef.stFitCompute point estimates for parameters from posterior samples
coef.stPredictCompute point estimates for parameters from posterior samples
coprecipStandardized anomalies of CO Precipitation
coprecip.fitSample MCMC output for the RESP model
coprecip.predictSample composition sampling output for the RESP model
dgemkmmEvaluate kron(A,B) * C without storing kron(A,B)
eofPerforms an EOF decomposition of the data
errDumpWrapper for a function to dump errors from C++
extractRegionExtract region from a SpatialGridDataFrame
extractStDataBasic extraction of SpatialGridDataFrame data for...
forwardsolve.kronSolves a triangular system with a Kronecker product structure
HPDinterval.stFitCompute Highest posterior density intervals from posterior...
invWSampSamples an Inverse-Wishart matrix
kronSampSamples a multivariate normal with a Kronecker product...
lat_transFormatting for longitude scales in ggplot spatial maps
lon_transFormatting for longitude scales in ggplot spatial maps
maternArrayMatern covariance
maternCovMatern covariance
maternEffectiveRangeCompute effective range for Matern correlation to drop to a...
mergeCompositionCombine results from composition sampler
mergeCovmatCombine sample covariance matrices from two samples
mergeMeanCombine sample means from two samples
mergeVarCombine sample variances from two samples
plot.stDataPlot stData objects
plot.stFitPlot stFit objects
plot.stPredictPlot stPredict objects
plot.teleCorPlots teleconnection correlation maps
rmatnormSimulate matrices from matrix normal distributions
rwishartRandom wishart matrix
stEvalBasic evaluation of fit
stFitFit the remote effects spatial process (RESP) model
stLLCompute log likelihood for model
stPredictCompute forecasts based on posterior samples
stSimulateSimulate responses from the spatio-temporal teleconnection...
stVIFComputes variance inflation factors for fixed effects of the...
summariseAlphaSummarize alphas
summariseEOFAlphaSummarize eof-mapped alphas
summary.stPredictPlot stPredict objects
svcFitFit a spatially varying coefficient model
svcPredictMake predictions using a fitted varying coefficient model
teleCorPointwise correlations for an exploratory teleconnection...
telefitTools for modeling teleconnections
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