Man pages for jonasbhend/biascorrection
Bias Correct Ensemble Forecasts

ccrClimate Conserving Recalibration
ccrlmClimate Conserving Recalibration (as Regression)
ccr_monthlyDaily CCR With Monthly Correction Factors
combConditional Bias With Linear Time Trend
conditionalBias Conditional on Forecast
debiasCalibration of Daily Time Series
debiasApplyApply Bias Correction to Large Ensemble Forecast Data Sets
initialBias dependent on initial condition
linmodLinear Models for Bias Correction
list_methodsList Calibration Methods
monmeanCompute the Monthly Mean
monthlyDaily Calibration with Monthly Mean
movingMoving Window Mean De-biasing
mulMultiplicative De-biasing
qqmapQuantile Mapping
sloessCompute Loess Fit
smoothMean De-biasing With Smoothing of Daily Climatology
smooth_mulMultiplicative De-biasing With Smoothed Climatologies
smoothobs_mulMultiplicative De-biasing With Smoothed Observation...
smoothobs_scaleMean De-biasing With Variance Scaling
smooth_scaleSmoothed Mean De-biasing With Variance Scaling
trendBias With Linear Time Trend
useqmapQuantile Mapping Using the 'qmap' Package
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