Man pages for jreisner/sparseBiclustering
Biclustering with Missing Data

biclusterBicluster data
biclustermdBiclustering with Missing Data
binary_vector_genMake a binary vector with all values equal to zero except for...
cell_heatmapMake a heat map of bicluster cell sizes.
cell_mseMake a data frame containing the MSE for each bicluster cell
cluster_iteration_sum_sseCalculate the sum cluster SSE in each iteration
col_cluster_namesGet column names in each column cluster
col.namesA generic to gather column names
col.names.biclustermdGet data matrix column names and their corresponding column...
format_partitionFormat a partition matrix
gather.biclustermdGather a biclustermd object
ggplot.biclustermdPlot the SSE or Rand Indices of a 'biclustermd' object.
gg_riPlot each iteration's Rand Indices using the ggplot2...
gg_ssePlot each iteration's SSE.
make_train_setMake a data frame containing information about what cluster a...
mse_heatmapMake a heatmap of cell MSEs
old_biclusterBicluster data (old)
partition_genGenerate an intial, random partition matrix with N objects...
partition_gen_by_pCreate a partition matrix with a partition vector p
part_matrix_to_vectorConvert a partition matrix to a vector
position_finderFind the index of the first nonzero value in a vector
print.biclustermdPrint an object of class biclustermd
random_assign_unassigned_fill_empties_PRandomly select a column prototype to fill an empty column...
random_assign_unassigned_fill_empties_QRandomly select a row prototype to fill an empty row...
reorder_biclustReorder a bicluster object for making a heat map
results_heatmapMake a heatmap of sparse biclustering results
RI_plotsPlot each iteration's Rand Indices
row_cluster_namesGet row names in each row cluster
row.names.biclustermdGet data matrix row names and their corresponding row cluster...
sumSSE_plotsPlot each iteration's sum of SSEs and a smoothing spline fit...
syntheticSynthetic data for examples.
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