Man pages for jsta/DataflowR
Toolbox for Processing and Viewing Underway Dataflow Output

average_rlistCreate an average raster from a raster list
avmapCreate a difference map compared to average
chlcoefCalculation of extracted versus fluoresced chlorophyll...
chlmapCreate chlorophyll maps
cond2salConductivity to salinity conversion
coordinatizeConvert georeferenced data.frames into projected...
create_rlistCreate file listing of rasters from a date range and...
cv_rlistCreate a variability raster from a raster list
date456posixConvert numeric dates in mddyy to POSIXct
grabcleanCleaning grab data
grabgetRetrieve grab data
grabplotPlotting grab data
grassmapPublication quality maps with GRASS
logrampCreate a log scaled color ramp for the grassmap function
mdy2mmyyyyConvert m/d/yy to mm/dd/yyyy
ModeMode of a numeric vector
streamcleanCleaning raw streaming Dataflow output
streamgetRetrieve previously cleaned full streaming datasets
streaminterpInterpolation of streaming data
streamparseParse old cleaned streaming files
streamqaSupervised quality control of streaming datasets
surfgetRetrieve an interpolated Dataflow surface
surfplotPlotting Interpolated Surfaces
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