Cleaning and Assembly of Peat Collapse Data

The peatcollapse package contains functions to clean and assemble the various Peat Collapse project datasets into consistent summary files. These datasets include:

  1. Conductivity, salinity, and temperature data collected onsite via YSI sonde

  2. Soil redox-potential readings collected onsite

  3. Water quality chemistry samples processed in the SFWMD lab

  4. Phosphorus samples processed in the SFWMD Everglades lab

  5. Sulfide samples processed at the FBSIC lab

The ultimate goal is to create seperate "database" summary files for the Field Study and Key Largo Mesocosm Experiments. These summary files should be stand-alone and saved in an open non-proprietary file format such as csv.

Installing the peatcollapse package

```{r eval=FALSE} install.packages(c("RSQLite", "readxl", "reshape2", "DBI"))

`  credentials = git2r::cred_user_pass("<username>",`             `  getPass::getPass()))`

## Assembling Databases

From within the peat-collapse data directory:

```{r eval=FALSE}
field <- assemble_field(tofile = FALSE)

meso <- assemble_meso(tofile = FALSE)

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