Man pages for jsta/peatcollapse
Cleaning and Assembly of Peat Collapse Data

align_dfcolAlign a data.frame to a template
assemble_fieldAssemble field data file from onsite and lab data
assemble_mesoAssemble mesocosm data file from onsite and lab data
clean_labClean lab data
clean_limsClean LIMS lab data files
clean_pClean phosphorus data
clean_sulfideClean sulfide data
create_labdbCreate sqlite database of peatcollapse lab data
date456posixConvert numeric dates in mddyy to POSIXct
get_fieldlabGet lab results from Field Study
get_fieldonsiteGet field onsite data
get_mesolabGet mesocosm lab data
get_mesoonsiteGet mesocosm onsite data
mdy2mmyyyyconvert m/d/yy to mm/dd/yyyy
mesokeyKey mesocosm treatment labels to an input data.frame
mesotsplotplot mesocosm data
scplotscatter plot of peat collapse data
tsplotTime-series plot
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