Package description

HMP2Data is a Bioconductor ExperimentData package of the Human Microbiome Project (iHMP) 16S rRNA sequencing data. Taxa counts and cytokines data files are provided in the package as downloaded from the iHMP Data Analysis and Coordination Center. See the package vignette for usage details. Please, review the publication moratorium when using this data.


HMP2Data can be installed using BiocManager as follows.


The vignettes can be browsed using browseVignettes("HMP2Data").

The development version can be installed from this repository using r BiocStyle::CRANpkg("devtools"). Install the package using the command devtools::install_github("jstansfield0/HMP2Data").

The stable version is available at the dozmorovlab GitHub repository and can be installed using the command devtools::install_github("dozmorovlab/HMP2Data").

Usage example

To load the MOMSPI16S data run the following commands. This will generate a phyloseq object with the 16S rRNA data.

MOMSPI16s <- momspi16S()

The MOMSPI cytokines data can be accessed with this command.

cyto <- momspiCytokines()

You may also load the Type 2 diabetes data and the Inflammatory bowel disease data as follows.

T2D <- T2D16S()
IBD <- IBD16S()

Please see the vignette for more information about the usage of the package.

Contact information

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions you feel free to contact John Stansfield (stansfieldjc[at]vcu[dot]edu), Ekaterina Smirnova (ekaterina.smirnova[at]vcuhealth[dot]org), or Mikhail Dozmorov (mikhail.dozmorov[at]vcuhealth[dot]org).

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