Man pages for kbroman/fingers
Identifying Clusters of Related Individuals

aedesData on Aedes aegypti
calc.distCalculate simple distance matrix
cluster.statCalculate measure of quality of inferred clusters
comp.famsCompare two sets of clusters
cutoffCalculate cutoff for clustering with RAPD markers
cutoff.llrCalculate cutoff for clustering with RAPD markers
dist.imagePlot distance matrix
fingersInfer clusters of related individuals
fingers-internalInternal fingers functions
freqEstimate RAPD allele frequencies
llrdistCalculate distance matrix based on log likelihood ratio
pull.markersExtract markers with allele frequencies in specified range
shiff1Schistosome data
shiff2Schistosome data
shiff3Schistosome data
simrapdSimulate RAPD data
simulfamsSimulate RAPD data
true.famsIdentify the true clusters
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