Man pages for kbroman/miner
Control Minecraft with RaspberryJuice API

chatPostPost to chat
find_entityFind entity by name
find_itemFind item by name or ID/style
getBlockDetermine block type and style at some position
getBlockHitsGet most recent block hits
getBlocksDetermine block types in a cuboid
getChatPostsPull the most recent chat message
getEntityTypesGet entity types
getHeightGet height of the world at a given position
getPlayerDirectionGet player direction as unit vector
getPlayerIdGet player ID
getPlayerIdsGet player IDs
getPlayerNameGet player name
getPlayerPitchGet player pitch
getPlayerPosGet player position
getPlayerRotationGet player rotation
mc_closeClose cached connection to Minecraft server
mc_connectCreate a connection to a Minecraft server
mc_connectionReturn cached connection
mc_itemsMinecraft item information
mcsplitHelper function to split string into data.frame
mcsplit_messageHelper function to split string into data.frame, for the chat
setBlockPlace a block
setBlocksPlace blocks in a cuboid
setPlayerDirectionSet a player's direction
setPlayerPitchSet a player's pitch
setPlayerPosChange player position
setPlayerRotationSet a player's rotation
spawnEntitySpawn an entity
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