Man pages for keesmulder/flexcircmix
Fit Mixtures of Flexible Circular Distributions

AIC.batmixmodExtract AIC from Batmixmod
batmixEMFit mixtures of inverse or power Batschelet distributions.
besselexpBessel exponential distribution
BIC.batmixmodExtract BIC from Batmixmod
bootstrapEMBatMixBootstrap the Batschelet mixture parameters
bridge_sampler.batmixmodLog Marginal Likelihood via Bridge Sampling
coef_polar_movMFCompute the polar versions of the movMF results
computeMeanResultantLengthBatThe mean resultant length of a Batschelet-type distribution.
computeMeanResultantLengthVMThe mean resultant length of a von Mises distribution.
dbatmixThe Batschelet-type Mixture distribution
dinvbatThe von-Mises based symmetric inverse Batschelet distribution
dinvbatkernKernel of the von-Mises based symmetric inverse Batschelet...
dpowbatThe von-Mises based symmetric power Batschelet distribution
dpowbatkernKernel of the von-Mises based symmetric power Batschelet...
dvmKernel of the von Mises distribution.
fitbatmixFit a mixture of Batschelet distributions
flexcircmixPackage 'flexcircmix'
force_neg_pi_piSet an angle to have its bounds in (-pi, pi)
invbatmix_pmat_from_movMFObtain the inverse Batschelet parameter matrix from a movMF...
K_kplamCompute a partial normalizing constant of a vM-based inverse...
lam_beta_log_prior_2_2A rescaled beta prior for lambda
likinvbatLikelihood of the inverse Batschelet distribution
likpowbatLikelihood of the power Batschelet distribution
logBesselILog of the Bessel function
maxlikbatFind maximum likelihood estimates for the inverse Batschelet...
mcmcBatscheletMixtureMCMC sampling for Batschelet-type distributions.
multisummary.batmixmodThis function takes a list of bat_mix_mods, and provides a...
plot_batmixfitPlot a mixture of Batschelet type distributions.
plot.batmixmodPlot a Batschelet-type mixture model
plot_batmix_samplePlot a sample of Batschelet mixture parameter sets.
print.batmixmodPrinting function for 'batmixmod' objects.
scale_circularCircular ggplot scales
s_lamInverse Batschelet subfunction
t_lamInverse Batschelet function
vm_kp_jeffreys_priorThe Jeffreys prior for the von Mises distribution
weight_fun_rinvbatCompute the weight function of the inverse Batschelet random...
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