Man pages for keithschulze/supr
Analysis of single molecule localisation data from super-resolution microscopy

all_typesSummary statistics for all types in a Multitype Point Pattern
check_parallelSimple function to establish whether things can be run in...
clear_borderClear connected regions touching edges
co_cluster_l_crossCo-cluster analysis using self- and cross-type local...
co_cluster_quadrantQuadrant analysis of self- vs. cross local L-function values
exchange_xy_for_marksExchange 'x' and 'y' coords for others stored as marks
fortify.imFortify method for 'im' objects
fortify.owinFortify method for unpacking 'owin' objects.
fortify.pppFortify method for 'ppp' objects
fortify.pspFortify method for 'psp' objects
interpolate_surfaceInterpolate a surface over a spatial point pattern
local_kNeighbourhood density function
local_k_crossMultitype (cross-type) neighbourhood density function
local_k_cross_inhomInhomogeneous multitype (cross-type) neighbourhood density...
local_k_inhomInhomogeneous Neighbourhood density function
multi_local_lLocal L-function analysis
multi_local_lcrossCross-type Local L-function analysis
peak_local_maxFeature detection functions. Peak local max
peak_rCalculate r value at L(r) - r peaks
read.moleculelist_nstormNikon N-STORM molecule list reader
read.moleculelist_rapidstormRapidstorm molecule list reader
read.moleculelistsFunction to read multiple datasets using a specific reader
read.moleculelist_thunderstormThunderstorm molecule list reader
read.polygon_roiRead a polygon owin from a tab-delimited txt file
read.roisFunction to read multiple windows using a specified reader...
region_propsMeasure properties of different regions in a labelled image.
remove_small_objectsRemove connected regions/objects smaller than a specified...
start_matlabUtility function to start matlab server using R.matlab.
watershedWatershed segmentation of spatstat im object.
with_matlabRun matlab code using R.matlab
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