Man pages for khabbazian/l1ou
Tools for detecting past changes in the expected mean trait values and studying trait evolution from comparative data

adjust_dataAdjusts the tree and traits to meet the requirements of...
configuration_icComputes the information criterion score for a given...
estimate_convergent_regimesDetects convergent regimes under an OU model
estimate_shift_configurationDetects evolutionary shifts under an OU model
fit_OUFits an OU model based on a given configuration
get_shift_configurationReturns the best shift configuration with a given number of...
l1ou_bootstrap_supportComputes bootstrap support for shift positions
lizard.traitsMorphospace of 100 Anolis lizards on Caribbean islands
lizard.treePhylogenetic tree of 100 Anolis lizards on Caribbean islands
normalize_treeNormalizes branch lengths to a unit tree height
plot.l1ouVisualizes a shift configuration: tree and trait(s)
profile.l1ouPrints out a summary of the shift configurations investigated...
sqrt_OU_covariance(inverse) square root of the phylogenetic covariance
summary.l1ouPrints out a summary of the model
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