Man pages for klarakaleb/roma
R wrapper for the OMA REST API

formatTopGOFormat the GO annotations data
getAnnotationGet GO annotation for a sequence Function
getAttributeGet the value for the Object Attribute
getDataGet the Data Function
getGenomeAlignmentGet Whole Genome Alignment Function
getGRangesGet the GRanges object
getHOGGet the HOG Data Function
getObjectAttributesGet the Object Attributes
getOntologiesGet the gene ontologies from members
getSequencesGet the sequences from members
getTaxonomyGet the Taxonomic tree function
getTopGOGet the topGO Object function
getXrefGet the CrossReferences in the OMA database for a pattern
groupAn example OMA group object.
hogAn example HOG object.
mapSequenceMap the Protein Sequence Function
OmaDB-packageOmaDB: A package for the orthology prediction data download...
orthologsAn example orthologs object.
pairsAn example genome alignment object.
proteinAn example protein object.
resolveURLGet the Further Information behind the URL Function
sequence_annotationAn example dataframe containing GO annotations identified...
sequence_mapAn example dataframe containing proteins identified from a...
taxonomyAn example newick format taxonomy object.
xrefAn example xref object.
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