Man pages for klarakaleb/roma
R wrapper for the OMA REST API

annotateSequenceMap GO annotation to a sequence that is not available in the...
cash-.omadb_objResolve URLs automatically when accessed
formatTopGOFormat the GO annotations data
getAnnotation-deprecatedGet GO annotation for a sequence Function
getAttributeGet the value for the Object Attribute
getData-deprecatedGet the Data Function
getGenomeRetrieve a genome from the OMA Browser database
getGenomeAlignment-deprecatedGet Whole Genome Alignment Function
getGenomePairsRetrieves the pairwise relations among two genomes
getHOGRetrieve a HOG from the OMA Browser
getLocusGet loci for a given list of proteins
getObjectAttributesGet the Object Attributes
getOMAGroupRetrieve an OMA Group from the OMA Browser
getProteinRetrieve a protein from the OMA Browser
getTaxonomyGet the Taxonomic tree function
getTopGOGet the topGO Object function
getTreeGet the Tree Object
getVersionGet the API and database version function
getXref-deprecatedGet the CrossReferences in the OMA database for a pattern
groupAn example OMA group object.
hogAn example HOG object.
mapSequenceMap the Protein Sequence Function
OmaDB-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'OmaDB'.
OmaDB-packageOmaDB: A package for the orthology prediction data download...
orthologsAn example orthologs object.
pairsAn example genome alignment object.
proteinAn example protein object.
resolveURLLoad data for a given url from the OMA Browser API.
searchProteinGet the CrossReferences in the OMA database for a pattern
sequence_annotationAn example dataframe containing GO annotations identified...
sequence_mapAn example dataframe containing proteins identified from a...
setAPISet the url to the OMA Browser API
taxonomyAn example newick format taxonomy object.
xrefAn example xref object.
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