Shiny GUI for the forrel package


This package requires forrel (available on CRAN) and the fafreqs and gezellig packages (available on GitHub). Installing packages from GitHub requires the package devtools which is available on CRAN and may be installed with


Once you have devtools you may install forrelshiny by pasting the following into an R interactive session:


Exclusion power

To launch the exclusion power graphical user interface import the forrelshiny package and use the epGUI() function like this:



The exclusion power GUI runs on your browser but it does not use an internet connection. None of your data will leave your computer.

A note on saving the workspace

A save workspace functionality is currently being tested. It uses Shiny’s bookmarking feature which is still not very mature. We hope it becomes more stable as the implementation of complex bookmarking is finalised in Shiny. For the moment, bookmarking works as follows:

  1. Launch the app and input the files you need for the calculation. Optionally run the calculation.
  2. When you whish to save the results, click Save workspace on the top-right corner. A pop-up window will appear with a link that you must copy and save somewhere.
  3. When you want to revisit this particular workspace you will need to launch the app if it is not already running and paste the link you saved into your browser’s address bar.

Please note that if you save a project multiple times you will still get different links and only the most recent one will contain the lastest changes you made to the project.

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