Man pages for koenderks/auditR
A Multifunctional R Package for Auditing

attributes.boundBinomial Bound for Attributes Testing
calc.n.betaAudit Sample Size for any Sample
calc.n.binomialAudit Sample Size for Large Samples
calc.n.hypergeometricAudit Sample Size for Small Samples
cox.snellCox and Snell bound
modified.momentModified Moment bound
normal.boundNormal Approximation of the Maximum Error
random.samplingSimple Random Sampling for Audit Populations
rohrbach.boundRohrbach's Augmented Variance Estimator Bound
stringer.bickelStringer bound with Bickel's adjustment
stringer.boundStringer bound
stringer.ltaStringer bound with LTA adjustment
stringer.meikleStringer bound with Meikle's adjustment
stringer.modifiedModified Stringer bound
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