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Models For Paleobiogeography

ArcIntersectionPoint(s) at which two arcs intersect on a sphere
BCBiogeographic connectedness
BearingBetweenTwoLongLatPointsReturns bearing from a set of coordinates
ChordLengthFromThetaReturns chord length from theta
ColliderReverserReverses a time step to coliision point
ContinentSplitterSplit apart joined continents
DecimaliseLatitudeLongitudeDecimalises a longitude or latitude
DispersalSimulatorGlobal function to simulate evolution on a sphere
dispeRse-packageModels for Paleobiogeography
DivingBoardPoint where dispersal route hits coast
EndPointRandom walk on a sphere
EqualAreaRectangularGridEqual-area grid from lines of longitude and latitude
GreatCircleDistanceFromLongLatGreat circle distance from a set of coordinates
GreatCircleDistanceFromThetaReturns great circle distance from theta
GreatCircleDistanceMatrixGreat Circle Distance Matrix Between Coordinates
GreatCircleIntersectionPoint(s) at which two Great Circles intersect on a sphere
HowManySeparateContinentsHow many separate continents are there
IntercontinentalLinksWhich continents are linked?
MagicPortalSweepstakes dispersal
MapContinentsMaps continents on Mercator projection
MoveTogetherMove multiple 'continents' about a Euler pole
One2ManyGreatCircleDistanceOne-to-many Great Circle Distances
OpenSpotsFind open spots for next continent in a supercontinent
RandomBearingDrawMake random draws for bearings
SphericalAngleForEquilateralTriangleFromGreatCircleSideLengthFinds the spherical angle for an equilateral triangle
SphericalCapAreaSpherical Cap Area
StartingPointsGenerate a matrix of longitudes and latitudes of continental...
ThetaFromChordLengthGet theta from chord length
ThetaFromGreatCircleDistanceGet theta from great circl distance
TreeWalkerContinuousBrownian motion (random walk) on a sphere
TreeWalkerDiscreteGenerate random birth-death tree with associated coordinates
WhichSupercontinentWhich supercontinent?
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