Man pages for lee269/tradetools
Tools for working with HMRC trade data

describe_tableDescribe a data frame's columns and data types
get_zip_fileDownload and extract files from a URL zipfile
read_airport_dataRead airport reference data
read_country_dataRead country reference data
read_hmrc_dataRead an HMRC data file
read_hmrc_tradersRead an HMRC traders file
read_icd_dataRead Inland Clearance Depot data
read_lcf_dataRead Local Clearance Freight locations data
read_seaport_dataRead seaport reference data
safe_namesSanitize table field names
sample_data_arrdisEU import/export data
sample_data_arrdisestEU import/export estimates data
sample_data_controlHMRC control file data
sample_data_exportsNon-EU exports data
sample_data_importsNon-EU imports data
sample_data_tradersHMRC trader data
tradetoolstradetools: A package for working with HMRC overseas trade...
unzip_and_cleanupTidy up HMRC data files
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