sample_data_traders: HMRC trader data

Description Usage Format Source


A dataset containing a random sample of 100 records of HMRC importer/exporter details data. The data is in the format returned by the read_hmrc_traders function in the trade tools package. The original files on the site are named Importers/Exporters.




A data frame with 100 rows and 31 variables:

Name Type Description
year double Year
month double Month
period integer Period in form YYYYMM
nolines integer Number of lines for the company
companyname character Name of company
address1 character Address line 1
address2 character Address line 2
address3 character Address line 3
address4 character Address line 4
address5 character Address line 5
postcode character Postcode
codenum character Sequence number of commodity code
comcode character Commodity code


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