gClinBiomarker is an R package that contains functions to perform baseline and longitutinal biomarker analyses

Two documents are provided: - A user vignette demonstrates how gClinBiomarker package may help in your biomarker analysis - An exapmle use case document which contains more detailed use cases

pdf version of these two documents can be found at inst/doc:

The Rmarkdown templates to run the automatic workflows can be found here:

Getting Started


To install this package from R, use install_github() function from the devtools package

In R, type:

## install.packages("devtools")

Getting the Documentation

Use the command vignette(package = 'gClinBiomarker') to view a list of avaialble vignettes for the gClinBiomarker package. Then use the command vignette(<vignett_name>) to view the relevant documentation.

gClinBiomarker Analysis and Workflows

Supported endpoint and biomarker types





Step 1:

Is your biomarker population your full patient population? Take a look at these functions:

SummaryVars(), CompareKM(), PlotRspBar()

Step 2:

Is your biomarker response a dynamic range? Does it have a skewed distribution? Is it correlated with clinical variables?

PlotProperty(), PlotTabForestMulti()

Step 3:

Is your biomarker response associated with a clinical outcome? Is it prognostic or predictive? Is there an optimal biomarker cutoff with a consistent trend?

PlotTabForestBiomarker(), PlotSTEPP()

Step 4:

Estimate the clinical benefit within a biomarker subgroup.

PlotKM(), PlotLong(), PlotRspBar(), CoxTab(), LogRankTab()

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