Man pages for lfpdroubi/appraiseR
R Package For Real Estate Appraisals

allpermComputes all the combinations of the transformed parameters
alltransfComputes all the chosen transformations to the input data...
bestfitBest fit models
bestfitEstFitter function for bestfit
brformatWrapper around format
centreReturn the median value or the modal value of a vector,...
centro_2015Prices of 50 Florianopolis' downtown apartaments
elasticidadeElasticity calculation function
equacoesRegression equation
grauBased on a lm object, returns reasoning degree parameters...
inverseReturns a vector generated with the inverse of the function f
junglesParametrized optimals costs percentages per period according...
jurere_2017Land division data
loteamentoLand division data
new_dataBuilds 'newdata' argument to be used in predict.lm
outlier_analysisSample outlier analysis
parametersExtract object parameters
parametros_NBRBased on a dataframe containing the estimated values, returns...
plotmodPlot bestfit models
plotvarPlot model predictors against the response variable with...
porcentoWrite in percentage form
powerParent Function: Power of a number.
power_plotPower plots with ggplot2
ReaisWrapper around brformat
recReciprocal (1/x) of a number
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rossheideckeComputes the depreciation parameter according to the...
rsqrReciprocal of the square of a number
rsqrtReciprocal of the square root of a number
sqrSquare of a number
summary.bestfitSummary method for class bestfit
trindadePrices of 15 Florianopolis' apartaments with 2 rooms in...
update.bestfitUpdate method for bestfit
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