Man pages for lgatto/RforProteomics
Companion package to the 'Using R and Bioconductor for proteomics data analysis' publication

downloadDataDownload a file
getPackagesInBiocViewPackages in a biocView
getPXD000001mzDataDownload the PXD000001 mzTab file
getPXD000001mzTabDownload the PXD000001 mzTab file
getPXD000001mzXMLDownload the PXD000001 mzXML file
getThermoHelaPRTCDowload Thermo Hela PRTC data
idAn 'mzIdentML' file
mstutCreate, analyse and detect ions
packageDFPackage descriptions
proteomicsPackagesProteomics and MS biocView packages
qntPXD000001 example MSnSet
RforProteomicsOpens the package vignettes
shinyMAMA and expression plots in 'shiny'
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