Man pages for liesb/BIITE
Bayesian Immunogenicity Inference Tool for ELISpot

BIITE-packageBayesian Immunogenicity Inference Tool for ELISpot
generate_random_hypothesisGenerate a random hypothesis
get_acc_rate_chainAcceptance Rate of an MH chain
get_evidence_1Evidence function
get_hla_rankingFind pHLA combinations that explain positive ELISpot results...
get_KL_vs_unifKullback-Leibler divergence of a sample (with respect to the...
get_means_chainEstimate posterior modes in the MH chain
get_modeEstimate sample mode
get_modes_chainEstimate posterior modes in the MH chain
get_overview_dfOverview of posterior modes, means, medians for all pHLA...
get_proposalChoosing a proposal state
get_q_h1_given_h2Evaluate Q function
get_shape_dfBeta shape parameters for (one peptide):(all HLA)...
get_shape_paramsBeta shape parameters
mh_chainMetropolis-Hasting for a single peptide
one_time_stepOne update of MH chain
plot_betaPlotting a beta distribution with a given mode and standard...
plot_posteriorsGet a plot of the marginal posteriors for each pHLA...
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