Man pages for llrs/BaseSet
Provides classes for working with sets

add_columnAdd column
BaseSet-packageBaseSet: Provides classes for working with sets
elementsRetrieve the elements
element_sizeCalculates the size of the elements
is.fuzzyFuzzy Sets
length_probabilityCalculates the probability of a single length
length_setCalculates the probability
multiply_probabilitiesCalculates the probabilities
name_elementsName elements
name_elements-setRename elements
name_setsName sets
name_sets-setRename sets
nElementsNumber of elements
nRelationsNumber of relations
nSetsNumber of sets
relationsFind the relationship
remove_columnRemove column
rename_elementsRename elements
rename_setRename sets
setsRetrieve the names of the sets
set_sizeCalculates the size of the set
show-TidySet-methodMethod to show the TidySet object
tidySetCreate a TidySet object
TidySet-classA tidy class to represent a set
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