Man pages for llrs/BioCor
Functional similarities

addSimilaritiesAdditive integration of similarities
AintoBInsert a matrix into another
as.GeneSetCollectionConvert a list or a Bimap interface into GeneSetCollections
BioCor-packageBioCor: A package to calculate functional similarities
clusterGeneSimSimilarity score between clusters of genes based on genes...
clusterSimSimilarity score between clusters of genes based on pathways...
combinadici-th combination of n elements taken from r
combineScoresCombining values
combineSourcesCombine different sources of pathways
conversionsConvert the similarities formats
diceSimCompare pathways
distributionDistribution of genes per pathway in pathways
duplicateIndicesFinds the indices of the duplicated events of a vector
geneStatistics about genes
geneSimSimilarity score genes based on pathways similarity
GenesPerPathwayGenes per pathway
h_indexCalculates H-index
incidence-list-methodCreates the incidence matrix
inverseListInvert a list
pathSimCalculates the Dice similarity between pathways
PathwaysPerGenePathways per gene
removeDupRemove duplicated rows and columns
seq2matTransforms a vector to a symmetric matrix
similaritiesApply a function to a list of similarities
summary-GeneSetCollection-methodCalculates some statistics of the GeneSetCollection
weightedWeighted operations
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