Man pages for lorenzwalthert/gitsum
Parse and summarize git repositories

add_attributes_detailedAdd base attributes to a log
add_is_exactIs the information exact?
add_line_historyAdd line history
add_n_times_changed_fileHow many times did file get changed?
check_overwriting_clearanceCheck whether a file / path exists and return an error when...
combine_dir_and_baseDerive full paths
combine_dir_and_base_oneCombining paths
dump_parsed_logDump a parsed log into .gitsum
ensure_enclosingEnsure enclosing
ensure_gitsum_repoMake sure the repository is a gitsum repository and create...
expect_classClass validation
extract_factory_multipleclosure to extract multiple regex pattern from vector
file_pathComposing file paths
find_last_commitFind the last commit in a repo
find_message_and_descextract message or description from a log
get_pattern_multipleregex patterns for extraction
get_raw_logObtain the log raw data
gitsumParse and summarize a git repository
gitsumlogSample log data from git repository
group_reassignmentCreate indices for splitting 'log' into a group to update and...
is_detailed_logCheck whether an object is a detailed log
is_name_changeDetect whether a 'changed_file'-entry is a renaming
manage_gitsumManage a gitsum repository
nest_logNest/unnest a gitsum log
parse_linesTurn a raw log of lines into a tabular format
parse_log_detailedObtain a detailed git log
parse_log_oneparse a raw log
parse_log_simpleObtain a simple log for a git repo
parse_reassignmentParse a raw reassignment into a list
parse_test_logParse a test log
read_gitsumRead gitsum data into R
report_gitCreate a summary report of a git repository
separate_dir_and_reassignmentSeparate the directory from the reassignment
set_changed_file_to_latest_nameUse the latest name of a file in every log entry
testthat_fileCreate the path to a test that file
update_changed_fileApply one file name update to a log
update_changed_file_oneApply one file name update to an unnested log that contains...
update_changed_file_sequentiallyApply all updates of file names sequentially to a log
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