Man pages for lsigut/openeddy
The R Package for Low Frequency Eddy Covariance Data Processing

add_stApply Storage Flux Correction
agg_meanTime series summarization
allNAFind Rows or Columns with Only NAs Over Array Margins
apply_thrApply Thresholds
combn_QCCombine Quality Checking Results
correctCorrect Character Vector
despApply despiking to a given subset
despikeLFLow Frequency Data Despiking
desp_loopApply despiking to all data blocks
excludeExclude values
extract_codedExtract Quality Control Information from Coded Values
extract_QCExtract Quality Control Information
fetch_filterApply Fetch Filter
flag_runsFlag Runs of Equal Values
interdepFlux Interdependency
openeddyThe R Package for Low Frequency Eddy Covariance Data...
plot_eddyPlot Time Series of Eddy Covariance Data
read_eddyData Input with Units
remap_varsRemap Variables
set_OT_inputCreate Input for REddyProc/Online Tool
setRangeSet Range for Plotting
strptime_eddyConversion of Regular Date-time Sequence from Character
structure_eddyFolder Structure Setup
summary_QCQuality Control Summary
varnamesObject Attributes Varnames and Units
write_eddyEddy Covariance Data Output
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