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Functional Analysis and Visualization of Transcriptomic Data

calc_var_by_rowCalculate Variance by Row
de_analysisPerform Differential Expression Analysis
draw_colnames_45plot aux function
filter_txFilter Imported Transcripts
gsea_analysisPerform Gene Set Enrichment Analysis
import_txImport Expression Data
le_analysisPerform Leading Edge Analysis
multiplotMultiple Plot
pipePipe, as in Pipeline
plot_deg_heatmapPlot Differentially Expressed Genes Heatmap
plot_gene_expressionPlot Gene Expression
plot_gseaPlot GSEA Enrichment Curve and Table
plot_gsea_heatmapPlot a Heatmap From gsea_analysis
plot_gsea_resPlot GSEA Results and Leading Edge
plot_heatmapPlot a Heatmap From Expression Data
plot_le_heatmapPlot Leading Edge Heatmap
plot_pcaPlot Flat Three Dimensional PCA
plot_venn_diagramPlot Venn Diagram
plot_volcanoVolcano Plot
prepare_tx_matplot aux function 2
retrieve_degRetrieve Differentially Expressed Genes
retrieve_deg_tableDifferential Expression results
retrieve_le_tableLeading Edge Genes By Gene Set
retrieve_mapping_rateRetrieve Mapping Rate
retrieve_metadata_sraretrieve metadata from NCBI SRA
salmon_libtypeInfer Library Construction Type
txomics-packagetxomics: Functional Analysis and Visualization of...
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