#Code to extract nine 7-second recordings for the vignette.
#Need to have ffmpeg installed, for conversion.


#Specify output folder
outputFolder = './data/'

#Path to files (on external hard drive)
files = c("E:/TDLO/TDLO-001/TDLO-001-122/TDLO-001-122_0+1_20200617$090000.wav",

#Adjustment, in seconds, to correct for file offsets.
adj = c(0,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0)

#Extract and copy wav files.

for(i in 1:length(files)) {
  #Note I am taking the time period from 11 to 18 seconds in the recording (9:00:11).
  #Yet I am keeping the original file names,
  #since this is just an example, and I would want to emphasize that people should always start
  #recordings on the minute when possible.
  wav <- tuneR::readWave(files[i], from = 11 - adj[i], to = 18 - adj[i], units = 'seconds')
  #left channel for all files.
  wav <- tuneR::mono(wav, which = c('left'))
  #remove DC offset for all files.
  wav@left <- round(wav@left - mean(wav@left))
  newFile <- paste0(outputFolder, basename(files[i]))
  tuneR::writeWave(wav, filename = newFile, extensible = FALSE)

#list files.
wavs <- list.files('./data/', full.names= TRUE, pattern='*.wav')

#Run mp3 to wav conversion using ffmpeg.
for(i in 1:length(wavs)) {
  orig_name <- basename(file_path_sans_ext(wavs[i]))
  newname <- paste0('Ex-', i,substr(orig_name,13,nchar(orig_name)))
  newname <-  paste0(dirname(wavs[i]),'/', newname, '.mp3')
  CALL <- paste('ffmpeg -i', wavs[i], "-b:a 96k", newname)

#Then manually delete wavs.

#Create settingsFile. MOVE THIS TO A PART OF THE VIGNETTE SHOWING localizeSingle.

datf = paste0(system.file(package='solo'), '/data/')

sf <- emptySettings(projectName = 'Ex',
              outputFolder = datf,
              detectionsFile = 'Vignette_Detections_20200617_090000.csv',
              coordinatesFile = file.path(datf,'Vignette_Coordinates.csv'),
              siteWavsFolder = datf,
              channelsFile = file.path(datf,'Vignette_Channels.csv'),
              adjustmentsFile = NA,
              date = 20200617,
              time = 090000,
              surveyLengthInSeconds = 7)

st <- processSettings(sf)
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