remove_duplicates: Remove duplicate graphs from a list.

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Using canonise_graph to calculate unique characteristic logical vector for each graph in a given list of graphs, then sorts the list according to this attribute and remove repeated graphs. Leaf names count so that graphs with permuted leaves are considered different. Also organises similar graphs next to each other if organise is TRUE, but this is extremely slow.


remove_duplicates(graph_list, organise = FALSE, return_piles = FALSE)



A list of graphs with the same leaf set.


If TRUE also organises isomorphic graphs (now disregarding leaf names) next to each other.


If TRUE and organise is also TRUE, the output will be a list of lists of isomorphic graphs instead of one big list.


A list of graphs that are all different (or a list of lists of graphs if both organise and return_piles are TRUE).

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