Man pages for mar-esther23/boolnet-perturb
Perturb Boolean Networks

aggregateByLabelLabel a list of int attractors and agregate by label
attractorListToDataframeConvert a list of attractors to a data frame.
attractorToDataframeConvert a BoolNet attractor to dataframe.
bin2intStateConvert binart state vector to integer. '
booleanToODETranslate from Boolean Network to Continuous ODE Network.
cellFateMapGet cell fate map of a network.
countChangesDataframeCount won or lost values in comparison with those present in...
dataframeToAttractorConvert a data frame with nodes displayed in Boolean format...
derridaDerrida analysis.
epigeneticLandscapeCalculate the epigenetic landscape of a network
getInteractionSignDetermine the sign of the interaction between two elements of...
getNetTopologyReturns the topology with signs of a network
int2binStateConvert integer to binary state vector with node names. '
isGeneInputDetermine if a node is an input of the network.
labelAttractorsLabel attractor.
labelListLabel state list from dataframe column
labelStateLabel a state.
perturbNetworkFixedNodesPerturb network functions knock-out (0) or over-expression...
perturbStatePerturb network state or trajectory.
populationSimulationAnalyze and graph the average of multiple asynchronous...
summarizeAttractorsSummarize attractors of a dataframe ignoring certain nodes.
validateStateValidate and convert a number to a valid state.
verifySyncronousVsAsyncronousCompare atractors with synchronous and asynchronous updating.
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