data-feixas2004: Grid data from Feixas and Saul (2004).

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A desription by the authors: "When Teresa, 22 years old, was seen by the second author (LAS) at the psychological services of the University of Salamanca, she was in the final year of her studies in chemical sciences. Although Teresa proves to be an excellent student, she reveals serious doubts about her self worth. She cries frequently, and has great difficulty in meeting others, even though she has a boyfriend who is extremely supportive. Teresa is anxiously hesitant about accepting a new job which would involve moving to another city 600 Km away from home." (Feixas & Saul, 2004, p. 77).


Feixas, G., & Saul, L. A. (2004). The Multi-Center Dilemma Project: an investigation on the role of cognitive conflicts in health. The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 7(1), 69-78.

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