Man pages for markheckmann/OpenRepGrid
Tools to Analyze Repertory Grid Data

addAvgElementAdd a new average element
addConstructAdd a new construct to an existing grid object.
addElementAdd an element to an existing grid.
addIndexColumnToMatrixadd index column for neater colnames
addVarianceExplainedToBiplot2dAdds the percentage of the sum-of-squares explained by each...
alignByIdealAlign constructs using the ideal element to gain pole...
alignByLoadingsAlign constructs by loadings on first pricipal component.
angleOrderIndexes2dMake indexes to order grid by angles in given dimensions.
apply_pbapply with a progress bar
bertinMake Bertin display of grid data.
bertinBaseWorkhorse for the biplot printing.
bertinClusterBertin display with corresponding cluster anaylsis.
bindConcatenate the constructs of two grids.
bindConstructsConcatenate the constructs of two or more grids.
biplot2dDraw a two-dimensional biplot.
biplot3dDraw grid in rgl (3D device).
biplot3dBase2biplot3dBase2 is the workhorse to draw a grid in rgl (3D...
biplotDrawbiplotDraw is the workhorse doing the drawing of a 2D biplot.
biplotEsa2dPlot an eigenstructure analysis (ESA) biplot in 2D.
biplotEsa3dDraw the eigenstructure analysis (ESA) biplot in rgl (3D...
biplotEsaPseudo3dPlot an eigenstructure analysis (ESA) in 2D grid with 3D...
biplotPseudo3dSee 'biplotPseudo3d' for its use. Draws a biplot of the grid...
biplotSimpleA graphically unsophisticated version of a biplot.
biplotSlater2dDraws Slater's INGRID biplot in 2D.
biplotSlater3dDraw the Slater's INGRID biplot in rgl (3D device).
biplotSlaterPseudo3dDraws Slater's biplot in 2D with depth impression (pseudo...
calcAnglesCalculate angles for points in first two columns.
calcBiplotCoordsCalculate coordinates for biplot.
calcCoordsBordersCoordinates of a sourrounding rectangle in direction of a...
cascademake ascending and descending vector
centerCentering of rows (constructs) and/or columns (elements).
clearRatingsclear ratings
clusterCluster analysis (of constructs or elements).
clusterBootMultiscale bootstrap cluster analysis.
colorize_matrix_rowsColorize matrix cell rows using crayon colors
constructCorCalculate correlations between constructs.
constructDCalculate Somers' d for the constructs.
constructPcaPrincipal component analysis (PCA) of inter-construct...
constructPcaLoadingsExtract loadings from PCA of constructs.
constructRmsCorRoot mean square (RMS) of inter-construct correlations.
constructsGet or replace construct poles
convertScivescoImportObjectToRepGridObjectConvert the returned object from the sci:vesco import...
data-bell2010Grid data from Bell (2010).
data-bellmcgorry1992Grid data from Bell and McGorry (1992).
data-boekerGrid data from Boeker (1996).
data-fbb2003Grid data from Fransella, Bell and Bannister (2003).
data-feixas2004Grid data from Feixas and Saul (2004).
data-leach2001Pre- and post therapy dataset from Leach et al. (2001).
data-mackay1992Grid data from Mackay (1992). Data set 'Grid C'-
data-raeithelGrid data from Raeithel (1998).
data-slater1977aDrug addict's grid data set from Slater (1977, p. 32).
data-slater1977bGrid data from Slater (1977).
decoupledecouple a grid
dim.gridlistNumber of constructs and elements all repgrids in gridlist
dim.repgridReturn size of a grid.
distanceDistance measures (between constructs or elements).
distanceHartmann'Hartmann distance' (standardized Slater distances).
distanceNormalizedStandardized inter-element distances' (power transformed...
distanceSlater'Slater distances' (standardized Euclidean distances).
dist_minmaxCalculate minimal and maximal possible distance
doRectanglesOverlapDetect if two rectangles overlap.
doubleEntryJoin the constructs of a grid with the same reversed...
elementCorCalculate the correlations between elements.
elementRmsCorRoot mean square (RMS) of inter-element correlations.
elementsGet or replace element names
extract-methodsExtract parts of the repgrid object.
formatMatrixFormat a matrix and add index column.
getConstructNamesGet construct names
getConstructNames2Retrieve construct names in needed format.
getElementNamesRetrieve element names of repgrid object.
getElementNames2Retrieve element names in needed format.
getNoOfConstructsGet number of constructs
getNoOfElementsGet number of elements
getRatingLayerget rating layer
getScaleGet minimum and maximum scale value used in grid.
getScaleMidpointGet midpoint of the grid rating scale
gridlistAdd repgrids into a gridlist
homeRotate the interactive 3D device to default views.
importExcelImport grid data from an Excel file.
importExcelInternalworkhiorse function (parser) for importExcel.
importGridcorImport GRIDCOR data files.
importGridcorInternalInternal parser for GRIDCOR data files.
importGridstatImport Gridstat data files.
importGridstatInternalParser for Gridstat data files.
importGridsuiteImport Gridsuite data files.
importGridsuiteInternalInternal parser for Gridsuite data files
importScivescoImport sci:vesco data files.
importScivescoInternalInternal parser for sci:vesco files (suffix 'scires').
importTxtImport grid data from a text file.
importTxtInternalImportTxtInternal is the parser for importTxt.
indexBiasCalculate 'bias' of grid as defined by Slater (1977).
indexBieriBieri's index of cognitive complexity
indexConflict1Conflict measure for grids (Slade & Sheehan, 1979) based on...
indexConflict2Conflict measure for grids (Bassler et al., 1992) based on...
indexConflict3Conflict or inconsistenciy measure for grids (Bell, 2004)...
indexDilemmaDetect implicative dilemmas (conflicts).
indexDilemmaticDilemmatic constructs
indexIntensityIntensity index
indexPolarizationPolarization (percentage of extreme ratings)
indexPvaffPercentage of Variance Accounted for by the First Factor...
indexSelfConstructionSelf construction profile
indexVariabilityCalculate 'variability' of a grid as defined by Slater...
is.repgridTest if object has class repgrid
lapply_pblapply with a progress bar
loadgridLoad repertory grid file using a GUI
makeEmptyRepgridConstructor for repgrid class
makeRepgridMake a new repgrid object.
mapmap a value onto others
mapCoordinatesToColorDetermine color values according to a given range of values.
mapCoordinatesToValueMap arbitrary numeric vector to a given range of values.
matchesNumber of matches in ratings
midpointMidpoint of the grid rating scale
modifyConstructmodify a construct
moveMove construct or element in grid to the left, right, up or...
multigridFileToSinglegridFilesConverts a Gridstat multigrid file into temporary single grid...
normalizeNormalize rows or columns by its standard deviation.
OpenRepGrid'OpenRepGrid': an R package for the analysis of repertory...
OpenRepGrid-overview'OpenRepGrid': Annotated overview of package functions.
openrepgridSettingssubset method for openrepgridSettings class
ops-methodsConcatenate repgrid objects.
orderByorder one vector by another
orderByStringfind the order of a string vector so it will match the order...
permuteConstructsGenerate a list with all possible construct reflections of a...
permuteGridPermute rows, columns or whole grid matrix.
perturbatePerturbate grid ratings
plot.indexDilemmaPlot method for indexDilemma (network graph)
prepareBiplotDataPrepare dataframe passed to drawing functions for biplots.
print.alignByLoadingsPrint method for class alignByLoadings.
print.constructCorPrint method for class constructCor.
print.constructDPrint method for class constructD.
print.constructPcaPrint method for class constructPca.
print.distancePrint method for class distance.
print.elementCorPrint method for class elementCor.
print.gridlistPrint method for gridlist obejcts
print.hdistancePrint method for class hdistance (Hartmann distance objects).
print.indexBieriPrint method for class indexBieri
print.indexConflict1Print function for class indexConflict1
print.indexConflict2Print method for class indexConflict2
print.indexConflict3print method for class indexConflict3
print.indexDilemmaPrint method for class indexDilemma
print.indexDilemmaticPrint method for class indexDilemmatic
print.indexIntensityPrint method for class indexIntensity.
print.indexPolarizationPrint method for class indexPolarization.
print.indexSelfConstructionPrint method for indexSelfConstruction method for class org.matches.
print.rmsCorPrint method for class rmsCor (RMS correlation for constructs...
print_square_matrixPrint a square matrix in well readable format
print.ssqPrint method for class ssq.
print.statsConstructsPrint method for class statsConstructs
print.statsElementsPrint method for class statsElements
quasiDistributionDistanceSlaterGenerate random grids and calculate 'Slater distances' for...
randomGridGenerate a random grid (quasis) of prompted size.
randomGridsGenerate a list of random grids (quasis) of prompted size.
randomSentencegenerate a random sentence with n words
randomSentencesgenerate n random sentences with a given or random number of...
randomWordsgenerate a random words
ratingsExtract ratings (wide or long format)
recyclerecycle vector to given length
recycle2variation of recycle that recycles one vector x or y to the...
reorderInvert construct and element order
reorder2dOrder grid by angles between construct and/or elements in 2D.
rep.repgridReplicate repgrid objects
resamplingResample constructs
reverseReverse constructs / swaps construct poles
rglDrawConstructLabelsdraw constructs in rgl
rglDrawConstructPointsdraw constructs in rgl
rglDrawStandardAxesDraw standard axes in the origin in an rgl plot.
rglDrawStandardEllipsesDraw standard ellipses in the origin in an rgl plot.
ringbring vector values into ring form
sapply_pbsapply with a progress bar
saveAsExcelSave grid in a Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx)
saveAsTxtSave grid in a text file (txt).
setConstructAttrSet the attributes of a construct
setElementAttrSet the attributes of an element
setScaleSet the scale range of a grid.
settingsglobal settings for OpenRepGrid
settingsLoadLoad OpenRepGrid settings
settingsSaveSave OpenRepGrid settings
shiftShift construct or element to first position.
show-repgrid-methodShow method for repgrid
showScalePrint scale range information to the console.
slaterStandardizationInternal workhorse for Slater standardization.
ssqCalculate SSQ (accuracy) of biplot representation for...
statsDescriptive statistics for constructs and elements of a grid.
stepChartDensity histogram withs steps instead of bars
stop_if_not_is_repgridRaise error if not is repgrid object
stop_if_scale_not_definedRaise error if min or max of rating scale are undefined
strReversereverse a string
subassignMethod for "<-" assignment of the repgrid ratings.
swapConstructsSwap the position of two constructs in a grid.
swapElementsSwap the position of two elements in a grid.
trim_valtrim vector to lower or upper value
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