data-leach2001: Pre- and post therapy dataset from Leach et al. (2001).

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Case as described by the authors: "Sarah, aged 32, was referred with problems of depression and sexual difficulties relating to childhood sexual abuse. She had three children and was living with her male partner. From the age of 9, her brother, an adult, had sexually abused Sarah. She attended a group for survivors of child sexual abuse and completed repertory grids prior to the group, immediately after the group and at 3- and 6-month follow-up." (Leach et al. 2001, p. 230).


leach2001a is the pre-therapy, leach2001b is the post-therapy therapy datset. The construct and elements are identical.


Leach, C., Freshwater, K., Aldridge, J., & Sunderland, J. (2001). Analysis of repertory grids in clinical practice. The British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 40, 225-248.

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