Man pages for matmu/mmus
In-silico methods for genetic finemapping in inbred mice

annotate_consequencesAnnotate with consequences
annotate_mouse_genesAnnotate with genes
avail_chromosomesAvailable chromosomes
avail_consequencesAvailable consequences
avail_strainsAvailable strains
backend_requestSend HTTP request to MMUS Server
combStrain combination builder
df2GRangesData frame to GenomicRanges::GRanges object
df_splitSplits data frame df into subsets with maximum n rows
ensembl_rest_vepRequest variant consequences from Variant Effect Predictor...
finemapFinemapping of genetic regions
finemap_queryFinemap query builder
get_topBest strain combinations
getURLGet backend service url
GRanges2dfGenomicRanges::GRanges object to data frame
prioPrioritization of inbred mouse strains for refining genetic...
reductionReduction factor calculation
ref_genomeReference genome version
setURLSet backend service url
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