Man pages for mbojan/rgraph6
Representing Graphs as 'graph6', 'digraph6' or 'sparse6' Strings

adjacency_from_textCreate adjacency matrices from 'graph6', 'sparse6', or...
as_digraph6Encode network data as 'digraph6' symbols
as_graph6Encode network data as 'graph6' symbols
as_sparse6Encode network data as 'sparse6' symbols
choose_formatChoose most efficient format heuristically
edgelist_from_textCreate edgelist matrices from 'graph6', 'sparse6', or...
from_digraph6Parsing 'digraph6' symbols
from_graph6Functions parsing 'graph6' symbols
from_sparse6Parsing 'sparse6' symbols
graph_as_textEncode graph as text
igraph_from_textCreate igraph objects from 'graph6', 'sparse6', or 'digraph6'...
is_graph6Infer or test for graph6, sparse6, and digraph6 symbols
network_from_textCreate network objects from 'graph6', 'sparse6', or...
read_file6Read files of 'graph6', 'sparse6' or 'digraph6' symbols
rgraph6-packagergraph6: Representing Graphs as 'graph6', 'digraph6' or...
sampleg6Example vectors of 'graph6', 'sparse6', and 'digraph6' codes
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