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rgraph6: Representing Graphs as 'graph6', 'digraph6' or 'sparse6' Strings



Encode network data as strings of printable ASCII characters. Implemented functions include encoding and decoding adjacency matrices, edgelists, igraph, and network objects to/from formats 'graph6', 'sparse6', and 'digraph6'. The formats and methods are described in McKay, B.D. and Piperno, A (2014) \Sexpr[results=rd]{tools:::Rd_expr_doi("10.1016/j.jsc.2013.09.003")}.


Formats 'graph6', 'sparse6' and 'digraph6' represent graphs as strings of printable ASCII characters. The formats are due to Brendan McKay who implemented them in his program Nauty (McKay 1978, 1980, 2003, McKay & Piperno 2014), and are described in detail here. Package rgraph6 is a native R implementation of these formats.

The main functions are as_graph6(), as_digraph6(), as_sparse6() for encoding network data and igraph_from_text() and network_from_text() for decoding. There are also other low-level functions to decode directly from digraph6, graph6, and sparse6.


When using this package please cite it by referring to the following publications: McKay B, Piperno A (2014). "Practical graph isomorphism, II." Journal of Symbolic Computation, 60, 94-112.

Bojanowski M, Schoch D (2021). rgraph6: Representing Graphs as graph6, dgraph6 or sparse6 Strings. R package version: 2.0-0, https://mbojan.github.io/rgraph6/.

Call citation(package="rgraph6") for more details and the BibTeX entry.


Maintainer: Michal Bojanowski michal2992@gmail.com (ORCID) (Kozminski University)



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