sampleg6: Example vectors of 'graph6', 'sparse6', and 'digraph6' codes

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Example vectors of 'graph6', 'sparse6', and 'digraph6' codes


Objects g6, s6, and d6 are vectors of codes in 'graph6', 'sparse6', and 'digraph6' representations respectively. Object sampleg6 is a vector of 'graph6' codes.







The three objects g6, s6, and d6 are character vectors of length 20 corresponding to undirected (in case of g6 and s6) and directed (in case of d6) graphs of varying sizes and densities.

Object sampleg6 is a character vector of length 9 of undirected graphs in 'graph6' format.


Graphs in g6, s6, and d6 objects were generated using the common algorithm which consists of the following steps:

  1. For each value from the vector of sizes of the node set (15, 30, 60, 120)...

  2. ... generate a vector of edge counts (size of the edge set) of length 5 ranging from a single edge up to an edge count corresponding to the density of 0.2.

  3. Given the node set sizes (item 1) and edge set sizes (item 2) sample undirected graphs from GNM model.

  4. These undirected graphs are encoded in g6 and s6

  5. Directed graphs were created by turning undirected edges to directed arcs in an arbitrary manner. These are encoded in the d6 object.

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