Man pages for mbyvcm/MRCIEUGTEx
Functions for the analysis of GTEx data

available_tissuesReturns list of tissues in GTEX available for analysis.
calculate_prs_gtexharmonise GTEx and query data and calculate polygenic risk...
distanceByPRSPlot distances between transcript profiles
distanceByPRS2Plot distances between transcript profiles from unlisted
extract_query_snps_gtexGiven a set of dbSNP rsids, get genome coordinates (hg19) and...
extract_top_hitsReturns transcripts surpassing given FDR threshold in each...
generateSetListGOGenerate GO object
get_query_snps_mrbasegenerate set of "query" snps using MRBase
run_eqtlRun linear models
runPathwayAnalysisRun Pathways Analysis
volcanoeplotRender volcanoe plot for each element in output list.
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