Man pages for meowcat/RMassScreening
Suspect screening and time series in LC-HRMS data

assignProfilesMerge sample list information to a profile container
assignSamplesMap a sample list to sample IDs
batchPickBatch pick raw mzXML files
combineReactionsCombinatorially apply transformations
computeProfilesCompute profiles using enviMass. Wrapper for [agglomer()] and...
consolidateReactionsMerge reactions with identical mass differences
convertFormulasConvert formulas to masses
cutSingleProfilesCut single profiles
fillProfilesFill enviMass profiles from picked files
generateSampleListGenerate sample table from filenames
loadRmsSettingsLoad RMassScreening settings
makeProfileInfoExtract essential info from profiles
makeProfileMatrixMake matrix for use with ramclustR.df
mergeSuspectsMerge suspect lists
ppmCalculate ppm distance from a mass.
processSpectraProcess RAMClust output for viewer
quickclustQuick RAMClustR application
readScantypeConvert scantype string to readable output
RmsDefaultSettingsLoad default RMassScreening settings
RmsSettingsTemplateCreate RMassScreening settings template file
runViewerRun the results viewer
sampleSelectorGeneralized sample selector which hopefully works...
screenProfilesScreen for suspect masses in a profile container.
selectSpectraProfilesSelect spectra for profile container
submatrixMake RAMClust input submatrix for a retention time window
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