Man pages for mikkelkrogsholm/murderdata
Data from the Murder Accountability Project

sk_by_countrySerial Killers by Country
sk_by_race_decadeU.S. Serial Killers Percentage by Race and Decade
sk_definition_ofNumber of Separate Serial Killers Operating in a Given Year...
sk_frequency_by_decadeSerial Killer Frequency by Decade (Decade of First Kill)
sk_gender_decade_allFrequency of Serial Killers Gender by Decade: U.S. and...
sk_gender_decade_intlFrequency of Serial Killers Gender by Decade: International...
sk_gender_decade_usFrequency of Serial Killers Gender by Decade: United States...
sk_iq_detailedSerial Killer IQ - detailed
sk_iq_overviewSerial Killer IQ - overview
sk_methodMethod by Which Victim Was Killed
sk_motivesBroad Motives
sk_victims_demographicsCharacteristics of U.S. Serial Killer Victims
sk_victims_stateVictims By State
sk_victims_yearlyNumber of Serial Killer Victims by Year
sk_yearly_avg_by_decadeDefinition of Serial Killer by Decade
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