Man pages for mjin1812/SMART
SMART (Semi-manual alignment to reference template): a pipeline for whole brain mapping projects

brainmorphGenerate a brain morph plot *(W)*
choiceAlignment choice game to align internal reference planes...
clean_duplicatesDuplicate cell cleanup *(W)*
dot-onAttachOn attachment of SMART
filter_loopLoop through reference slices
forward_warpForward warp back to atlas space
get_roisGet ROI data from a mapped wholebrain dataset.
get_savepathsAutomatically generates savepaths and save directories.
get_sunburstGenerate a sunburst plot using a forward warped dataset.
get_tableCreate a data frame of left/right counts and their ratio of...
get_treeCreate a dataframe of hierarchical region cell count data.
glassbrain2Modified glassbrain function
im_sortA function to sort image paths for large imaging datasets
interpolateInterpolate all AP and z numbers for atlas plates in a whole...
platereturnHelper background functions
pull_atlasPull up atlas plate in graphics device.
regi_loopAutomatically loops through the image registration process
registration2Console user interface built on top of 'registration()'...
seg_loopLoop through and segment images in the segmentation channel
setup_plUser friendly way to setup whole brain pipeline analysis
SMARTSMART (Semi-manual alignment to reference template): a...
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