Man pages for mknoll/dataAnalysisMisc
Collection of functions for daily tasks

boxGraphPlot some position preserving boxplots
createPatCharCreate patient characteristics table
determineClassTried to determine the class of data.frame columns
drawSpiralPlotDraw spiral plot
encCantCantor Encode
findAssocFind associations
findHCLSurvFind hierarchical cluster-based groups for survival...
findOptCutoffFind two differening groups in survival data
findOptCutoffClassDetect the best cutoff to match a categorical classification
minimizeMissclassificationHCLMinimize missclassification by step-wise increase of...
permTTestPermutation t-test
plotForestCalculated univariate analysis and creates a forest plot
plotForestMVCalculates multivariate analysis and creates a forest plot
plotForestSplitCreate forest plot
plotKMPlots a Kaplan Meier survival curve with number at risk table
preparePdfCreate tex/pdf files
printHCLCandPrint Kaplan Meier plots
renameVarsRename variables in a data frame using a mapping file
wyWestfall Young p-value correction
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